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Wildlife Removal in Markham from Brilliex Pest Control

Markham residents and businesses are subject to nuisance wildlife everyday. When we come in to assist, we offer raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, opossum removal, bat removal, and bird removal. We believe that our Markham wildlife removal services are effective and hassle-free. We can help you with nuisance wildlife infestations using a variety of methods. If you need assistance dealing with any type of animal infestation, our expert pest control specialists can help. Once we’ve conducted a full assessment, we’ll come up with a plan that suits your needs.

Installing a one-way door system is the best way to get animals out of an attic, chimney, or deck foundation. Animals can exit using one-way doors, but they are unable to re-enter. A well-executed removal job requires both expertise and experience. We’ve been performing wildlife removal since 2009 and can guarantee an animal-friendly removal of nuisance wildlife. Request an appointment with our office today.

Brilliex Pest Control – A Markham Wildlife Removal Contractor

There are a lot of squirrels roaming around Markham, Ontario. Squirrels are thriving in Markham, and it’s not because they are endangered. They look for food and shelter year-round. Squirrels live longer, eat more, and mate more in the proper environment. To get inside, they start by nibbling a hole in the roof. To keep their teeth in check, they need to chew. Once inside, they chew wires and move around. Their teeth grow continuously, so they have to chew constantly to keep them short.

Skunks have other talents to make up for their poor eyesight. Because they often get stuck in window wells or basement stairs, skunks have a tendency to get themselves into trouble. Skunks are exceptional diggers. They can tunnel through the foundation of your house starting on one side and emerging on the other. DIY skunk removal is a risky venture, therefore don’t underestimate them when you try to remove them. A S77 skunk one way…

Raccoons are nocturnal, destructive animals that thrive in Markham, Ontario. If you ever come out at night, you will most definitely see a family of raccoons crossing the road, climbing on trees, or rummaging through your neighbour’s garbage bin. Raccoons like to nest in dry, warm, and dark places such as attics, chimneys and under decks. Most common areas of entry are roof vents, roof pipes, soffits, junctions, roofline and chimneys. One way to know if you have a problem is to look around your home for signs of damage/entry. Raccoons are very noisy and most of the times you will be able to…

Opossums have become a common site in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and surrounding areas. As their population grows, more conflicts with humans is bound to happen. Brilliex Pest Control offers 100% guaranteed, safe and effective opossum removal services for residential and commercial properties in GTA. With over hundreds of opossums successfully removed, we are confident in our ability to help you get rid of your nuisance opossums and take steps to prevent them from returning. Don’t wait, call Brilliex for professional opossum removal services today. All our opossum removal services…

In Markham it’s common to get a call for bats inside a home or business. We do hundreds of bat removal jobs each year. Most people might think that this occurs because they left a door or window open momentarily and a bat flew in. In reality, this happens because there often is a bat infestation in the attic or chimney and they find their way inside. If you see a bat inside your home or business, call a professional bat removal company right a way. At Brilliex Pest Control, we start with a full comprehensive inspection of your property. Once we find the entry hole, a one way door will be installed to make…

Birds such as starlings, sparrows and pigeons cause a lot of damage to buildings and homes in Markham every day. Their dropping is toxic and overtime can damage equipment and cause serious health hazards. Most common problem areas are store signs, dryer vents, poorly installed soffits and open chimneys. Brilliex’s bird removal service in Markham is designed to help businesses and homeowners deal with nuisance bird problems. There are different methods for every situation but not every method works best in all scenarios. Some of the bird removal methods include netting, spikes…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I identify and address potential wildlife entry points in my houses in Markham?

For identifying and resolving potential wildlife entry points and wildlife removal in Markham residences, residents can reach out to Brilliex Pest Control. Our skilled technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your Markham home, offering an in-depth written report complete with images and videos. This report will spotlight all areas susceptible to wildlife damage. Contact us for a sense of security and efficient solutions tailored to Markham’s specific needs.

Q2. Which wildlife species are commonly found in Markham?

In Markham, inhabitants may come across a variety of wildlife species, including raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, birds, and bats. Markham’s urban regions are often home to versatile raccoons, while residential neighborhoods frequently host tree-dwelling squirrels like the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Skunks might seek refuge under decks or sheds, and in Markham, nocturnal opossums can be found in various habitats. Urban challenges in Markham may arise from birds such as pigeons and starlings, and though bats are less prevalent, they may inhabit older homes. If residents in Markham encounter wildlife-related issues, it is advisable to seek professional assistance for humane and effective wildlife removal.

Q3. Are there specific seasons when certain wildlife is more prevalent in the Markham area?

Certainly! Yes, the presence of specific wildlife can be influenced by the changing seasons. In Markham, Ontario, wildlife activity patterns often shift with the seasons. For instance, raccoons may exhibit increased activity in the spring and early summer as they search for food and shelter for their offspring. Squirrels might be particularly active in the fall, storing food for the upcoming winter. Skunks may be more visible during the warmer months when mating occurs. Recognizing these seasonal behaviors can enhance awareness among Markham residents, enabling them to take necessary precautions during periods of heightened wildlife activity.

Q4. What steps should have been taken during the baby season in Markham?

During the baby season in Markham, it is essential to engage professionals to manage any wildlife nesting in your residence. This period, typically occurring in spring and early summer, is when numerous species give birth and nurture their offspring. Enlisting the services of professionals ensures the safety of both residents and the animals. Disturbing nests can incite defensive behavior from mothers, exposing you to the risk of bites or attacks. Markham professionals possess the expertise to accurately identify and safely remove wildlife, particularly considering the potential presence of babies. This method protects the well-being of the animals and prevents harm or inconvenience to homeowners. Seeking professional assistance in Markham contributes to humane wildlife removal management, permitting experts to handle the situation with care and proficiency.

Q5. Is it legal to trap and relocate wildlife in Markham?

While it is allowed to catch animals in Markham, relocating them beyond a one-kilometer radius from their initial capture location within the city is against the law. Adhering to these regulations is essential to guarantee the ethical and legal treatment of wildlife in the area in Markham. If there are any problems or disagreements concerning animals, it is recommended that individuals contact local wildlife removal services in Markham.

Q6. What is the most humane way to remove nuisance wildlife in Markham?

If there is a concern with an animal, like one entering an attic in Markham, a practical removal method often involves using a one-way door. This tool acts as an exclusion technique, allowing the creature to leave the area while preventing it from re-entering. Employing a one-way door in Markham is a humane and efficient approach to address such situations, ensuring the safe removal of the creature from the property without causing harm.

Q7. What is the average cost for wildlife removal in Markham?

The expenses associated with wildlife extraction in Markham may fluctuate significantly, contingent upon the distinct characteristics of each situation. Factors affecting costs include the species of wildlife, the severity of the infestation, and the specific methods needed for removal. It is recommended to enlist the services of a certified professional who can evaluate the situation, perform a thorough inspection, and provide a written report along with a cost estimate in Markham. This personalized approach ensures that pricing is tailored to the specific requirements of the wildlife removal project, offering a more accurate assessment of the necessary work and related expenses.

Featured Markham Wildlife Removal Projects

Brilliex Pest Control is the trusted name for wildlife removal in Markham. The growing urban landscape in Markham is causing more frequent clashes between humans and wildlife as natural habitats are disturbed. Our devoted team specializes in 100% humane wildlife removal methods that prioritize the animals’ well-being. Animals like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks have adapted to urban life due to increased resources and fewer predators.

We guarantee safe and compassionate removal through our one-way door systems, allowing animals to exit without re-entry, except in cases involving young offspring.

Brilliex Pest Control’s experts have successfully conducted a range of wildlife removal projects in Markham. For a glimpse of our dedication to ethical wildlife solutions, visit our website to explore photos, descriptions, and specifics about our previous endeavors.

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