What to look for in a pest control company before hiring them for your business

| 17/11/2021

If you run a business, it’s the perfect place to think about what you should be looking for in hiring pest control.  It’s a pest’s dream condominium.

The critters hide during the day and party all night when everyone has gone home  The only thing left behind are crumbs, food containers, dishes, uncovered trash receptacles, candy bowels…appetizers for the tiny, little cretins.

What is a pest, first of all?  It can be a termite. Of course, those feed under the surface of wood rendering structures weak.

There’s insects including spiders, small flies or fruit flies, silverfish, ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, cloth moths, bees etc.  Their paths cause disease and their droppings are responsible for respiratory problems including many allergies. Cockroaches can trigger asthma and the stinging insects send more than half a million people to the Emergency Room each year.

Then there’s small animals such as bats, squirrels, rats/mice, moles or skunks.  These are disease vectors whose bodies carry bacteria that contaminates our food sources and can cause terrible illnesses.

This is a very clever population, very resourceful and slick. They’re able to invade spaces that an individual person could never imagine. A full-size mouse can enter a whole the size of a dime.

It takes someone versed in their intellect, who knows their habits, likes and dislikes, how and where they stay to eliminate them. This is where the professional commercial pest control technician comes in.

A pest control tech will come in and use the proper equipment, substance and means to eliminate the pests from areas occupied by humans and their food source protecting them from illness and harm.  Understanding how to find the right tech is very important so the job is done effectively.

What to look for in pest control company

  • License- (Certified) with this person needs to come expertise. They are dealing with toxic pesticides that could potentially harm people. Every tech’s license should be verifiable by reaching out to the Ministry Of Environment Office.
  • Experience-(Quality of Service) (Ethical) the company should have reviews with the Better Business Bureau for providing good business practices.
  • National Pest Management Association- (Official Pest Control Industry) being part of this, the company and their techs will maintain continuous education to keep up with the latest pest control trends. This way they are always a step ahead and have the best approach in conquering the critters.
  • Insurance Policy- Understand what’s covered and the policy for the Pest company itself.
  • Guarantee- terms and conditions i.e. what it covers, how long it lasts, how to keep it in force, conditions/limitations. Go over the guarantee carefully.
  • References- The pest company should be able to give a list of other businesses in the area who use them. Contact them to inquire as to their satisfaction with the service. Ask detailed questions.
  • Cost- The most expensive service is not necessarily the best service. All of these other things need to be taken into consideration and then quotes taken.
Everyone is very much about being eco friendly and safe for the environment. There are all-green pest control products and services available commercially if that is your preference.

The only thing that the pest control companies ask is that businesses understand, this is a bit more expensive. Too, it takes more treatments to be effective than its chemical counterparts.

Ultimately, the cost of treating will be far less than the cost of the damage caused by the little visitors who come to nest.

Once you decide on the pest control company for you, they’ll come in, answer any questions and do their initial inspection. They investigate the interior/exterior and top/bottom to look for any recurrent or potential problems. They should remove any visible signs of life like nests.

The tech will look for signs of water leaks. Any small amount of water will allow survival for a pest in a building. Check freezers, refrigerators, ice machines or sinks. Openings around pipes should be stuffed with steel wool.

The company may issue you organic drain cleaner.  Drains are breeding grounds for small flies who use buildup as a food source.

It will be requested that all trash receptacles are lined and lids are tight to reduce pest food supply.

Storage areas are playgrounds for pests. They love hiding in empty boxes, and cockroaches are known to feed on the glue that holds the boxes together.

On the outside, the tech should ask that dumpsters be cleaned and rotated regularly.  Also, trash should not be allowed outside of the dumpster.  The lid should always be closed tight.

The building should be reviewed for any cracks or crevices where a critter could enter.  The tech should seal any unnecessary opening with weather-resistant sealer.

Pest companies request that shrubs be cut back away from buildings.  Any ground-covering plants should be removed within three feet of exterior walls as they hide small pests from view.

A good pest control company should check positive air flow. When a door is opened, the pest should be pushed out versus being sucked in. Install door sweeps in your business entryway and make sure they’re regularly intact.

After the tech finishes the inspection, you should go over a detailed report with the findings and ask any questions.  With this all in place, a contract should be drawn up for treatment/prevention, regular service agreement.

One thing that didn’t get touched on that is probably most significant out of anything else here between your business and the company you choose…trust.  This person is going to be in every nook and cranny, crack and crevice, storage space, opening drawers, going in supply closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and personal office spaces.  It’s imperative that there be a good, comfortable, safe relationship.

They will be saving you from those little things that go bump in the night.

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