The Best Equipment for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

, | 18/07/2023

Heat treatment is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs, but not all of the equipment that does the job was created the same. Some options are better than others, and today we’re going to discuss the best equipment for bed bug heat treatment.

Heat Assault 500X for Bed Bug Treatment

Heat Assault is considered the most effective heating equipment for getting rid of bed bugs. It’s an environmentally and chemical-free way to eradicate bed bugs from your home.

Heat Assault equipment produces temperatures of 145°F or higher using forced convection technology. Bed bugs of all life stages die when air temperatures reach the “kill zone” which is 52°C. Heat Assault produces this heat quickly and uniformly. It’s pumped through the treatment area to ensure the death of ALL bed bugs and bed bug eggs in just seconds. ​Using this method, even hard-to-reach areas or small spaces where bed bugs can hide are targeted.

Here’s how it works

To get the job done, Heat Assault bed bug equipment uses two powerful continuous loop systems, run on either biodiesel or diesel fuel.

The first loop system is within the unit. To start, the environmentally-friendly heat transfer fluid (HTF) is drawn from the unit’s reservoir. It’s then pumped through dual coil heaters (rugged coil piping heated by oil-fired burners) to reach a temperature of 96°C.

Next, the heat transfer fluid is returned to the 135-gallon (511 liters) reservoir where it’s held before phase two starts.

The second loop takes the heat transfer fluid from the Heat Assault equipment, and using industrial-grade hoses, it carries the solution to remote heat exchangers (radiators with fans). These then blast the heat to any areas that require bed bug treatment. Finally, the heat transfer fluid is pumped back from the remote heat exchanges to the Heat Assault reservoir for reheating. This leaves only extreme heat to destroy bed bugs and their eggs in targeted areas.

While the equipment operates, wireless temperature sensing and data logging systems allow the operator to remotely track the temperatures in treated areas. This ensures kill zone temperatures are reached wherever they’re needed.

To learn more about identifying, preventing, and treating bed bugs, have a look at our bed bugs Q&A here.

Electric bed bug treatment

When you compare Heat Assault equipment to electric treatment options, you’ll see that Heat Assault equipment is three times more effective at eradicating bed bugs. It uses forced convection technology to get a bigger temperature gain in a shorter time, and this heat is uniformly spread across the treatment area.

Electric heaters are also much bigger, bulkier, and less discreet than Heat Assault equipment. In fact, electric heaters can weigh up to 130 pounds, while Heat Assault’s equipment weighs just 25 pounds each.

Another disadvantage to traditional electric heaters for getting rid of bed bugs is that they take at least twice as long to work.
Propane heating method
Another bed bug heat treatment option is the propane heating method. This is done by pumping heat into a room and getting the temperature to rise to at least 45 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes. This kills only the grown bed bugs, but bed bug eggs require even longer exposure to the heat.

Brilliex Bed Bug Treatment in Toronto

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Bed bug infestations are one of the worst problems that any home or business owner can face. Luckily, our team is trained, fully equipped, and standing by to provide immediate bed bug treatment and extermination service to residential and commercial properties. As always, our top priority is handling any bed bug problems quickly and discreetly.

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