Squirrels Baby Season and How to Keep Them Out Of Your House

| 27/02/2024

Oh, baby!  It’s nearly time for squirrels to mate. They’ll be looking for places to put their nests so they can have those kids, and they like them nice and high.  They need to be over sixty feet tall to keep away enemies.  So, your roof…or better yet inside your attic… would be the perfect spot.  Watch out!

Eastern gray squirrels are native to Northern America. They’re a little bit larger squirrel than most breeds. They mate beginning at around a year old. At this young, immature age, they will only mate one time.  As they age and become ‘worldly’ they mate two times, once in the beginning of spring and once in summer. 

The male is ready to mate always, all year long. He’s excited when the female comes into fertility. When she does, she releases an odor and chatters.  They need to do this in the squirrel world because they can’t see color and they won’t mate with other species of which there are several. They can only see colors in black, whitish, and grayish.

The squirrel bases their mating on the smell, sound, dimensions, and markings of the partner. Once she starts to chatter, male squirrels will begin to fight over her. 

Now, squirrels are pretty docile creatures, so, the fights are not violent in nature. The males chase and intimidate each other until the younger, less experienced squirrel will most times run off in defeat  

The older squirrel will chase the female in the mating ritual which is part of the ‘dance’ before releasing a ‘waxy’ kind of plug that will act as a block for other males. 

The female continues to release her smell and chat for approximately fourteen days and possibly may mate with other males. The male who mated with her, though, has the option of mating with her again and can stand guard around her so no other male can have a chance with her.  

After the female becomes pregnant and has her babies, the male has nothing more to do with her. She is usually pregnant for about a month and a half.

The momma squirrel will make her nest out of sticks she chews off of trees with leaves sewn in and lined in some type of down to keep her and the baby warm like moss or add in some feathers.  

They like to live in rotted-out or abandoned bird holes left in trees up high where they’re safe from predators and can protect their babies. 

They live in the safety of your yard and particularly like to eat your bulbs. They’ll dig neat little holes through your yard and garden to get to the bulbs. They will chew anything to keep their ever-growing teeth ground down. 

They love chewing on wood, electrical wires, walls inside your attic, and trashcans that are not metal. They can chew through anything.  

If you have any holes in or near your house, only the size of a coin will do, then they have access.  They just need a quarter size to fit.  

Once the momma squirrel decides she likes your yard, it’s really hard to get her to leave. They’re very quick, and they can jump as far as ten feet. 

Some Things to Do to Keep Squirrels Out Of Your House

  • Trim branches on trees far back away from your house so they can’t jump onto your roof.
  • Fill any holes on or around your house so they can’t get in, around attic windows, or the roofline.
  • Put a chimney guard on your chimney. Make sure it’s secure and has wire metal mesh all around so there’s no way for them to get it.
  • Plant hyacinth, daffodils, and alliums.  Squirrels are repelled by these. 
  • Use pepper-based repellents. Squirrels don’t like pepper. Also, before planting bulbs, dip them in pepper-based repellent. Cover with sharp mulch.  They won’t want to dig into it.  sprinkle pepper or cayenne pepper around the house your bushes, trees, fence row, and anywhere a squirrel can have entry.
  • Replace regular plastic trash cans with metal cans.  Squirrels will chew through plastic bins to get to the garbage. 
  • If you have birdfeeders, use seeds that will repel squirrels.  Cover the pole in plastic tubing to make it difficult for the squirrel to climb it.
  • For any overhead electrical, cable, or telephone wires, have the companies come and put plastic tubing over the wires. Squirrels can’t balance on it. 

The most humane way to remove a squirrel is by using a live trap, and probably the best way to do that is by using a professional to catch and release it. The reason for that is they will look for mommy’s babies so she can take them with her.  The other humane way to remove squirrels is installing an excluder that allows them to exit your house and prevents them from getting inside your house, to read more about humane squirrel removal check Brilliex Pest Control.

Critters are living everywhere outside.  That’s their home.  We’re stepping into their space when we go out.  

 Since the world is so overpopulated and built up, they don’t have a lot of places to go. They are kind of getting in where they don’t belong, but we kind of invaded their areas. 

We just need to be mindful of that and respectful of them. Kindly remove the nests they build, take them gently out of the wrong places, allow them access to their babies, and take them to the areas where they’re supposed to be. It’s always better to call professionals to handle the situation, Brilliex Pest Control has more than 15 years of experience in squirrel removal, raccoon removal, skunk removal, bat removal, and bird removal.

Please don’t feed them. They become reliant on that and get close to people, and not all people have the best intentions. Then they end up getting hurt. They’re wild animals. They belong in the wild foraging for themselves and they’re babies. 

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