• Colour: Grey to reddish-brown
  • Size: Up to 95 cm
  • Description: Raccoons have rings around their bushy tails and distinctive mask-like markings on their faces. They have five digits on all four of their feet, and their front paws work similarly to human hands.


Traditionally, raccoons prefer heavily wooded areas with access to trees, water and abundant vegetation. There, they make their dens in the hollow parts of trees as well as abandoned burrows, traveling up to 18 miles to forage for food. Raccoons are extremely adaptable.


Raccoons eat berries, other fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. They also eat insects, eggs, poultry, rats, squirrels, small livestock, birds, fish, snakes, craw fish, worms, frogs, and mollusks. Additionally, raccoons will eat pet food, carrion, and human garbage.


Mating season runs January through March. A little over two months after mating, the female gives birth to a litter of between four to six young. The babies are able to stand when they are about four to six weeks old. They are weaned at 70 days and start to hunt when they are between 9-12 weeks old.

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