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Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs are small, flat, nocturnal insects that grow to about the size of an apple seed. They are usually brown in color unless they have been feasting on blood all night, in which case they will take on a more reddish shade. The most common reason people realize they have bed bugs is the bites on legs, back and arms. Just some bites on your body doesn't mean that you have bed bugs. There are many biting insects that can cause a bite. To make sure your home or business is not infested with bed bugs, a 'bed bug inspection' needs to be performed. There are two types of inspection that can be done for bed bugs. 1. Visual inspection. 2. K-9 Inspection. To find out more about our bed bug inspection services, contact our office today.

Bed bug Inspection Service

Get a comprehensive bed bug inspection by our experts today

Bed bug visual inspection

A Brilliex professional will inspect your home or business thoroughly for any sign of bed bug infestation. Our experts will look for the following signs on and around your bed/sleeping area.

The most common sign of a bed bug infestation is bites. You will find them in a row or clusters and look like flat or raised red bumps. Bed bug bites usually appear on the arms, shoulders, neck and face. Some people have no reaction to the bites. Good news is that bed bugs don't spread any disease but their bites can be very itchy. In the case of allergic reaction to the rashes, hives or blisters, contact your family doctor.

Blood Stains
Blood stains are another sign of a bed bug infestation. Many people don't bother to look at their mattress or sheets and will miss these signs. The stains look like tiny reddish or rusty-coloured stains or smears. These blood stains are not necessary from you but when you squash a fed bed bug during your sleep. So, if you wake up covered in bed bug bites and your sheets are littered with bed bug blood stains, it’s a pretty clear indication you’ve got a bed bug infestation.

When bed bugs defecate and it dries up, it will look like dark or black stains on your sheets, box spring or mattress. They can be found almost anywhere in areas bed bugs hang out.

As part of your inspection, you can also look for bed bug eggs and empty shells. If you have an infestation, you will find a lot of them. A single female can lay over 5 eggs a day, and about 500 eggs in her lifetime. Bed bug eggs are tiny and range from translucent to white in colour. Spotting them takes a little closer investigation. Sometimes a magnifying glass could help.

When bed bugs (nymphs) grow, they shed their skin. This is their empty exoskeleton that is often clear in colour. Before reaching maturity, they do this process 5 times. In a bed bug infested room, you will find tons of shells laying around.

Bed Bug Treatment

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Today! Guaranteed. Find out more!

K-9 Bed Bug Inspection

K-9 inspections are a good alternative to a visual inspection. K-9 is often more accurate than humans. We work with a few K-9 inspection companies in the GTA area for clients that are interested in that route. Call our office today and ask about our bed bug inspection solutions.

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Our team is passionate about providing superior pest control services and we proudly service: Toronto, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Concord, Maple, Scarborough, North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville & more. Call our office for quick and effective bed bug removal and control anywhere in the GTA.

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I'm so glad I found Brilliex pest control. They helped me with getting rid of ants in my kitchen. I live in Mississauga and I get this problem every year. This time I knew something had to be done. Brilliex handled it well.

Marjan Ebadi, Mississauga

Squirrels managed to chew a hole in my roof vent. Brilliex pest control used a one way door to remove them and secured all the vents. I received an electronic service report with photos of the work done. Worth every penny!

Charles Chang, Markham

I have used Brilliex Pest Control for few of my properties in Toronto. They are experts in removing bed bugs, ants and cockroaches. Always punctual, friendly and fair. Highly recommended!

John Miller, Toronto

Brilliex Pest Control came to my rescue when I had a problem with raccoons. Their professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and fast response are second to none. Very satisfied with their wildlife removal service.

Mary Harvey, Mississauga

I am very pleased with the bed bug treatment performed by Brilliex Pest Control. It is great to deal with a company that values their customers and guarantees their pest control services. Thank you so much.

Ali Muhammad, Oakville


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