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Brilliex Pest Control offers rodent control and mice removal programs to residential, commercial and industrial properties in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and beyond. These programs are designed based on the infestation level and specific needs of our client. Mice removal jobs start with an inspection of the property. Our trained technician will look for evidence of mice activity, damages by mice and potential entry points. We use a combination of methods to get rid of mice and control their population which includes kill traps, multi-catch devices, and rodenticides. Mice can multiply in matter of months and a few mice can turn into a major infestation. Call Brilliex Pest Control to book an inspection today. We will come up with a plan to keep your property free of mice.

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Toronto Mice Extermination & Management

It takes a professional to rid you of your mice infestation. Setting a few traps will not eliminate the mice population. At Brilliex Pest Control, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. We will start with a comprehensive inspection of your property. An electronic inspection report will be provided at the end with pictures, technician notes and recommendations. We use products like Stuf-Fit to seal holes inside such as under the sink. We will use devices such as kill traps, multi-catchers, and tamper proof bait boxes with rodenticide to control the mice population. Depending on our client’s need, we will show up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quaterly to service the devices. Without the recurring monitoring, you will not know if the infestation has started again from another part of the structure. If this happens, we will take care of the problem right away. We keep your property free of mice and use safe and effective rodent control program to achieve that goal.

Brilliex Mice Removal

Need immediate mice removal service in Toronto? We have been helping our clients get rid of mice infestations for over the last 10 years. Book a comprehensive inspection by one of our professional technicians and stop mice in their track! Call for professional mice extermination & removal in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond hill, Newmarket and surrounding area today.

Get Rid Of Mice in Toronto

To help get rid of mice in your Toronto property, we start with a comprehensive inspection. We will Identify obvious entry points around the property. Look for evidence of mice activity such as mice droppings, body oil marks, tunneling and chewing. We will check the attic, kitchen, cold room, furnace room, and garage in residential properties. For commercial properties, depending on the nature of business similar assessment will be done. At the end of the inspection, an electronic inspection report will be provided to you. This report will have pictures, technician notes, and recommendations. You will be responsible for having these areas sealed. We will also give you tips on how keep food sources away from mice which will help stop attracting them inside. Mice just like any other living thing, looks for shelter, food and water. If you eliminate all or most, it will help in the deduction of activity and infestation.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mice Extermination in Toronto

Q1. How can mice come inside my property?

Mice need a small area size of a dime to enter. Once their head goes through, their body will stretch and allows them entry through small openings around the house such as bottom of garage door or the gap between the soffit and exterior wall.

Q2. Closing these areas will stop them from gaining access?

Sealing potential entry holes will significantly reduce their activity by keeping them out of your home or business. They can find new areas to gain access eventually. Until then, you can put a dent in their activity by sealing areas that have been pointed out to you by our expert technicians.

Q3. How does your guarantee work?

We have a 90 day and a one year guarantee, depending on the program you go one. If you notice activity within the guarantee period, we will come back at no extra charge to you.

Q4. Do I need to provide access to the attic?

Yes. For residential homes, it’s best to have the area where the hatch to the attic is available for our technician to gain access. Not having access to this part might void the guarantee we provide.

Q5. Will they die inside?

With the mechanical and glue traps, the rodents will be easily accessible and ready for disposal. With the use of rodenticide, it will take 2 days for the mice to die. They will get dehydrated and will look for water hole during that time. This ensures that they will die outside.

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