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Residential Fly Control

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Brilliex fly extermination experts can get rid of all fly species. We have developed specific fly extermination techniques to combat most common flies such as fruit flies, cluster flies, and drain flies, allowing us to completely exterminate the entire fly population. We can effectively deal with fly problems in attics, kitchens, restaurants, bars, and residential structures guaranteed! We will treat the area with safe insecticides and guarantee the work for 90 days. To keep you pest free in the future, we will put you on a recurring service to control most pests around your property. Ask about our Business & Home Protection Plans and we will be happy to help. Call our office for immediate fly control and extermination in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond hill, Scarborough and surrounding areas in GTA.

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Fly Removal & Management

Fly lifespans vary – some can live only a few days, while others can live for months or even up to a year. Flies are extremely prolific. One single mated pair can produce over a million eggs over the course of their lifetime. Fly eggs are normally laid in warm, moist environments with access to a food source. Once the eggs hatch, they develop into whitish larvae, which are also referred to as maggots. These larvae then develop into hard-shelled pupae, out of which adult flies will emerge.

The first step in preventing flies from settling into your home is to make the environment as inhospitable to them as possible. That means removing moisture by fixing leaks and sealing any cracks, and cleaning up any food waste lying around. Ensure that your windows and screens are intact, and seal all trash cans and food containers. If you can, store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and ensure that any compost bins are sealed.

Brilliex Pest Control will find the root of the problem and we will eradicate the fly population, guaranteed! Call our office for more information.

Fly Treatment by Brilliex Pest

Are flies ruining your operation? Afraid of potential diseases transferred by flies? Brilliex Pest Control is standing by to answer your call, when you need us. We will find the root of the problem and eradicate the issue right away. For a comprehensive inspection of your property call our office today. Our fly extermination experts service Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Newmarket & surrounding areas. Don’t wait any longer, contact our office now.

Fly Control in Toronto & Beyond

Our professional cockroach removal experts are ready to serve you at your home or business in Toronto & GTA. We are licensed by the Ministry Of Environment (MOE) and our technicians are trained and ready to deal with any cockroach removal jobs. Call us for an assessment of your property. We will go through your property looking for problem areas. We will recommend ways to reduce the problem yourself. We will explain your options as far as cockroach control and management. Finally We will work with you to get rid of the cockroaches and monitor your property and keep it free of pests all year round. Call us for a professional consultation and stop cockroaches from infesting your property.

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