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Opossums have become a common site in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York, Scarborough and surrounding areas. As their population grows, more conflicts with humans is bound to happen. Brilliex Pest Control offers 100% guaranteed, safe and effective opossum removal services for residential and commercial properties in GTA. With over hundreds of opossums successfully removed, we are confident in our ability to help you get rid of your nuisance opossums and take steps to prevent them from returning. Don’t wait, call Brilliex for professional opossum removal services today. All our opossum removal services comes with 2 years guarantee on the work. Find out more, contact us today!

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Toronto Opossum Removal Methods

There are many myths online on how to remove opossum such as using ammonia soaked rags, cayenne pepper or mothballs. The reality is in most cases they won’t be useful and just a waste of time and money. Over the past 10 years we have been using innovative methods to remove possums such as using a one way door system. Our priority is always to solve our client’s pest problem without causing any harm to the possums. Below are a list of most effective ways to remove possums from your property.

One Way Door – A one way exit door is a brilliant device that allows possums to exit and once out they can’t return.

Physical Snaring – When an animal gets snared, they will fight it off and by looking at it, it seems like the animal is under stress. The reality is that snaring is very humane way of dealing with opossums. This method can only be used in certain situations where animal is accessible such as a possum inside a bedroom.

Live Trapping – This method is our last resort and is only used when physical snaring or one way doors are not an option.

Opossum Removal In Toronto & Beyond

Opossum removal calls are on the rise. These marsupials have been migrating north from the south and their numbers have increased in the last ten years in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and surrounding areas. Most common areas we find possums are in warehouses, under decks, and in attics. You will also find them in random places like under patio furniture cover. At Brilliex Pest Control, we start with a comprehensive inspection of your property. Once we know the extend of the damage, we will come up with a tailored plan that fits your needs. Our custom plan often involves installing a one way door, live trapping or physical snaring. Barriers will be installed to stop critters from getting back in. Call our office to get more information on opossum removal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Opossum Removal in Toronto

Q1. How much does opossum removal costs?

To get an exact idea and inspection needs to be performed. Once we know the extend of the work, a quotation will be provided. Call our office to get more information on pricing and other details.

Q2. How can I stop them from coming on my property?

You can’t stop them from coming on your property but you can stop them from getting inside your attic or under the deck. We offer prevention services where we seal and secure potential entry holes such as roof vents.

Q3. What is wildlife proofing?

There are many vulnerable areas where opossums can damage and enter your home or place of business such as roof vents, exhaust pipes, roofline, soffits, chimneys and more. We will protect all vulnerable areas with heavy gauge screening so you don’t have to worry about them coming back.

Q4. What if there are baby opossums?

During opossum baby season (March to July) it is essential to check for babies. If babies are present and accessible, they will be removed physically and placed in an incubator outside by the entry hole. Once she realizes it’s not a safe area anymore, opossum will relocate her babies one by one to a secondary already established den.

Q5. Is your work guaranteed?

We guarantee our work for 2 years. All areas that has been secured with our screening will be guaranteed. If the animal gets back in from the same spot, we will remove it for free.

Q6. What if I need roof repair?

In all cases we use heavy gauge screening to block the hole and prevent the opossums from getting back in. If the damage is situated in a way that water could get in, our team will repair the area so you don’t have to hire another company. This will save you time and money.

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