A humanely squirrel removal in Oakville, ON

Our recent project in Oakville involved providing a comprehensive squirrel removal service for a distressed homeowner. Upon receiving the client’s request for assistance, our expert technician promptly arrived at the scene. The homeowner had been experiencing persistent issues with squirrels in and around their property. The technician conducted a thorough inspection of the premises, identifying multiple entry points that the squirrels had been using to access the attic.

To tackle this problem effectively, our technician executed a multi-step approach. They initiated the removal process by employing a humane and safe one-way door over the entry hole on the roof. Once the squirrels are out of the door, they can not get inside the attic anymore.

After ensuring the squirrel removal was successful, our technician proceeded to secure the entry points by sealing gaps and openings, preventing future squirrel intrusions. This not only resolved the immediate problem but also offered long-term protection for the client’s property.

Our commitment to humane and eco-friendly practices was evident throughout this project, guaranteeing the client’s satisfaction and safeguarding their home from further wildlife disturbances.

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A humanely squirrel removal in Oakville, ON