What to do incase of a cockroach infestation

Cockroach Control & Treatment: Useful Tips for getting rid of cockroaches Cockroaches are an unfortunate reality for many homeowners and business owners. But with an understanding of how to get rid of cockroaches and the right help at your side, your cockroach problem can be a thing of the past. We deal with cockroaches all [...]

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home Have you ever dealt with an ant infestation in your home or on your property? If so, you know first-hand how frustrating and difficult this situation can be. In this post, we’re going to cover some of our best advice on how to get rid of [...]

Bed Bug Heat treatment vs Conventional (spray) method

The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment: Spraying or Heat? What’s the most effective bed bug treatment? This is a question on a lot of homeowner’s minds who are dealing with these tricky pests. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a difficult process. But today, there are more effective methods for doing this than ever before. When [...]

4 Big Benefits of Residential Pest Control

4 Big Benefits of Home Pest Control Until you’re faced with dealing with pests where you live, home pest control might not be something you think much about. But there are so many benefits to staying on top of pest control in your home. Not only is dealing with them once they’re in your home […]

Toronto Raccoon War

How To Win The Raccoon War In Toronto Raccoons have decided to call Toronto home, where they have settled in and started families in vast numbers. According to the Toronto Sun there were well over 100,000 of them populating the Toronto streets earning Toronto the label ‘Raccoon Capital of the World’.  With this many raccoons […]

Proper Cleaning Of Rodent Feces (Droppings)

It’s unfortunate if you come to find rat or mice droppings in your home. This is something that needs to be cleaned immediately and thoroughly sanitized. Rat or mice droppings can carry deadly diseases including hantavirus that we can catch simply by just breathing it in from their droppings, saliva, or urine. Prior to doing […]

Fire Ant Bites And What To Do

‘Where there’s smoke there’s fire’ as the saying goes. If you get hit with one fire ant sting, you will be hit by many.  Each ant is able to sting more than once and there are usually a bunch traveling in a group. The instant reaction to a fire ant sting is immediate, intense pain […]

Cockroaches in North America

Gross.  That is the natural instinct a majority of the world has when the see a cockroach scattering around somewhere in front of them. This induce an immediate instinct of fear and a natural desire to hurt them for some. They are, however, very difficult to destroy.  They lived way back when the dinosaurs were [...]

What to Look For In a Pest Control Company before Hiring Them for Your Business

If you run a business, it’s the perfect place to think about what you should be looking for in hiring pest control.  It’s a pest’s dream condominium. The critters hide during the day and party all night when everyone has gone home  The only thing left behind are crumbs, food containers, dishes, uncovered trash receptacles, [...]

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home?

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home? At any given time, almost every homestead has had its moment of dealing with Cockroaches. They have been a cause of distress in many residences for life centuries. Cockroaches have been described as one of the problematic pests that one could get rid of. This is […]

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