4 Big Benefits of Home Pest Control

| 16/01/2022

Until you’re faced with dealing with pests where you live, home pest control might not be something you think much about. But there are so many benefits to staying on top of pest control in your home.

Not only is dealing with them once they’re in your home is important, but so is taking preventative measures to ensure they don’t get into your home in the first place.


Before we discuss how to keep your home pest-free, let’s talk about the benefits of protecting your home against pests.

  1. Your home will be a more peaceful, comfortable place
  2. You’ll protect/maintain your home’s value
  3. You can avoid embarrassing situations with guests
  4. Keeping your food safe and free of contaminants


When your home is pest-free, you’ll feel more comfortable, safe, and happy. Knowing there are pests like rats, mice, ants, or bed bugs in and around your home makes it hard to relax. The idea that a pest could be lurking anywhere at any time is enough to make anyone want to move! But with pest control services and techniques, your home can be the enjoyable, pest-free environment it should be.


When you work with the best pest control company to ensure your home is pest-free, protecting it from structural damage and other property damage is a significant benefit.

Not only are pests unsightly and annoying, but they can also cause permanent and expensive damage to your home and your belongings. Pests like rats, silverfish, and termites are common culprits of costly damage to your home — including structural damage. Once pest damage happens in your home, it can quickly reduce your home’s value. If pests damage pricey items like couches and other furniture, this is an added expense many homeowners don’t want to deal with.


Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party when a rat falls through the ceiling and lands in the middle of the room. As wild as this sounds, it’s something that has actually been known to happen! Embarrassing situations like these can be avoided if you implement pest control techniques in your home or work with a pest control company to keep your home clear of pests.


If pests get into your food, not only can they eat it or ruin it, this can actually pose safety hazards because of the bacteria and other nasty things pests can carry and transmit. In addition to contaminating your food, pests can also contaminate the areas where you prepare or store food which is also unsafe.


Once you have pests in your home, we can help you eradicate them and return your home to the safe and peaceful place you want it to be. Sometimes, certain pests are virtually unavoidable. But there are many preventative measures you can take to safeguard your home from pests like mice, rats, cockroaches, and more.

  • Store items like firewood, lumber, and bricks away from your home. If you store these items right up against your home, the pests they harbour have much easier access to your home.
  • Secure your trash. If your garage doesn’t have a lid, pests will have an easy time getting into it and making it a breeding ground for even more pests. With certain pests like raccoons, a lock on your garbage bin might be necessary to keep these clever critters out.
  • Seal any cracks or openings around your home. Something as simple as a tiny hole in your home’s foundation is enough to allow all sorts of pests to penetrate your home and wreak their havoc. Rodents and other critters can fit through tiny openings, so don’t assume any hole is too small for them to make their way in.
  • Keep your home clean and store food properly. Pests love a mess! This includes things like sticky food on counters or clutter where they can make their home. Store food as soon as you’re done with it, and regularly clean your surroundings. Food and garbage should always be kept secure. This also includes pet food, which needs to be stored with a lid rather than just an open container.


Let’s say your preventative measures weren’t enough, and you’ve discovered pests or the telltale signs of pests in your home. Is DIY pest control enough or is it time to call the professionals?

In almost every situation, opting for professional pest control is the right choice. There are several good reasons to work with a professional pest control company near you rather than trying to eradicate the pests on your own.

For starters, professionals have tried and true methods that are more effective than most DIY solutions. Pest control experts are also familiar with the specific species and types of pests in the area they service, so they’ll be aware of all of the intricacies involved in choosing the right pest control method. For example, some homes will need conventional spray treatment for bed bugs, while other homes might require bed bug heat treatment.

Pest control can involve some pretty difficult things to see and deal with. When you work with professionals, it saves you from having to experience this for yourself. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing experts have used the most effective pest control methods available. We’re also experienced in inspecting homes and looking for any vulnerable spots where pests could work their way in.

But not just any pest control company will do. To give you the peace of mind that your home is pest-free, you must choose the right company for the job.


The best pest control company for you is one that responds quickly and effectively, and that’s precisely what Brilliex Pest Control will do!

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